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Your Timeline

Hey, go grab your where-I-should-be-in-my-life timeline and check out where you are. You know where it is, right? It’s inside your head, telling you should be [married, Vice President of Something, making more money, retiring, buying a house or a boat or a motorcycle or...] by now. Or by March 10th. Or it should have happened three years ago. Are you failing? Of course you are! Congratulations! Me too! Timelines are a trick we play on ourselves to assure ourselves we’ll be ok or happy or successful IF we do the things by X and we’ll be good enough WHEN we get them done. Then we fail because instead of getting married by X, we focused on career. Or instead of finishing college, we had a health issue that took us in another direction for a while. Or instead of progressing our careers, we took time off to raise children or dogs or chickens. And then we look at our self-created timelines and criticize ourselves because we missed our deadlines. What if, instead of giving ourselves unreachable deadlines, we just start thinking about what is now and what is next? And we start acknowledging where we’ve already gotten to? And get EXCITED about the opportunity, not dragged down by the self-induced pressure? Let’s do that. #relaunchyourcareer #coaching #gratitude #relationships #selfcare

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