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Relaunch your career. Relaunch your life.


Individual Coaching


Work with me one-on-one virtually from your own home or office. Craft your life, your way, on your terms. 

Contact me for customized webinars and workshops.

Does your leadership team need to work together more effectively? Are your people afraid to make decisions without express permission? Do you find your company circling the same issues over and over? Or does everyone work so hard, they can't find any balance or joy in their work? Let's talk so we can customize the training that will best serve your team.

Relaunch your team.

Small to Medium Sized Business Coaching

Elevate your executive leadership team; learn to work better and live well as a team and individually.

Relaunch together.

Small Group Coaching

Coming soon!

Relaunch through training. 

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Ask Me Anything

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I'm smart, but I can't possibly know everything

Lauren Lefkowitz Coaching 

Thanks for connecting!

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