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Fine is a Trap. Believe in More.

Individual Coaching


Work with me one-on-one virtually from your own home or office. Craft your career, your way, on your terms. It's time to decide who you want to be when you grow up!

Duo Coaching

Work with me and your professional bestie virtually from your own homes or offices. Craft your career, your way, on your terms with the support of a coworker or professional friend who is in a similar place in their career.

Escape the "Fine" Trap With Your Leadership Team

Small Business Coaching

Elevate your executive leadership team; learn to work better and live well as a team and individually. This coaching program is for companies with twenty or fewer employees and/or five or fewer executive leaders.

Get Beyond Fine Together.

Small Group Coaching

Coming soon!

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Ask Me Anything

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I'm smart, but I can't possibly know everything

Lauren Lefkowitz Coaching 

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