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Laughter Yoga with Executive Leadership Coach Lauren Lefkowitz

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

We spend a lot of our days with furrowed brows, focused on the work, the achievements, the deadlines, and the income. And rightfully so! As busy professionals, we have a lot of responsibilities and a whole bunch of people to answer to.

Enter: Laughter Yoga!


Laughter Yoga is a fun, uplifting, communal opportunity to come together and, yes, laugh! Laughing intentionally gives us the same increases of happy hormones - dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin - as just plain laughing. The difference in laughter yoga is that sustained, intentional laughter keeps those increases going for longer periods of time. Taking concentrated time to laugh, in community, extends your joy past the laughter yoga session, offers an opportunity for intentional breathing and relaxation, and it will make you want to come back for more!

Laughter yoga is accessible to everyone and can be done standing or sitting. You don’t need any special clothing or any special space. All you need to bring is your laugh! During a laughter yoga session, all participants are invited to bring their faces, voices, and laughs - laughter yoga is a mics on, cameras on event!

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