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Who Am I Anyway?

In the sea of coaches you will find on the internet, it's easy to lose track of who is who and why you should even care about someone. In light of that, here's some information about me that may resonate with you, may make you remember me when you're thinking about discerning who's who out there in the web-world. 1) I love cheese. And potatoes. If I had to pick a two-ingredient life, that would be it. If I could have a third ingredient, it would be salt. I like it simple.

2) I was sick for an entire decade, after a freak grand mal seizure, followed by a slew of new illnesses. I still take 23 pills a day and an inhaler to stay this amazing. I am a fighter.

3) I have a dog named Puppy. Choosing her name was deliberate, not a failure to be creative. At 13, she still looks like a puppy and when new people see her and say, “A puppy!”, she thinks they know her. I am creative.

4) I am happiest at home, yours or mine (don’t worry, I won’t just show up on your doorstep...I’m not that weird), sitting on a couch, talking. If there’s cheese, even better. I am a relator.

5) I broke both shoulders, chasing a Roomba. I got myself up and to a phone to call for help. I could only use my arms from the elbows down and called myself 't-rex arms'. I am resilient...and funny.

6) I have a fear of being locked in a, no matter what floor I go to, there will be no exit. I am also afraid of heights, roller coasters, and not cooking chicken to the right temperature. I am very human.

7) My favorite number is 222 and I see it everywhere and all the time - on license plates, receipts, timers, other people's post 'likes', etc. I see it as a sign that I'm going in the right direction. I am comforted.

8) I am a judgement-free zone. I accept people for who and how they are and I meet them where they are. I never shame others. My life's work is to support people so they feel empowered, see their own potential, and allow themselves to follow their dreams. I am a good listener and a supportive friend.

9) I am a loving friend and relative, a hand-raiser, a pleaser. I am compassion, humor, drive, ideas, hope and joy.

This is who and how I am and how I 'show up' to life, work and play.

Who are you?

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