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What is Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a partnership in support of the client (that's you!) creating a deliberate, focused, transformational series of changes using creativity, goal setting, and self-focus in order to build a real, sustainable, satisfying, joyful and fun career and lifestyle.


Career-centered, heart-driven people are amazing doers. 

We are goal-oriented achievers, and we will do what it takes to perform, impress, please and succeed.

And we never stop to think: Do I even like this? Am I doing what I want to do? What are my choices?

And if we DO give ourselves a moment to dream about what we want, we get overwhelmed by the work it will take to make the changes we dream about. 


Leadership coaching offers the opportunity to stop...think...create...dream. 


And to take the time to put all of those dreams we never dare take past the dream state and put them into action!


This is your time to create your future the way that works for you. 

Isn't it time to decide who you want to be when you grow up? 

How does the Relaunch Your Career Program work? 

This program is customized for each client.

We'll work together to create a space for you to deep-dive into an inventory of where you are now. 

We'll look at what isn't serving you and what is holding you back from pursuing change.

Then, we'll talk about who you want to be and how you want to show up to work and life.

We'll break that down into small steps and discover ways to create action plans that feel freeing and offer you growth and joy.

I'll support your growth, help you stay on track, and offer ideas and advice for you as you learn to give yourself permission to change and pursue your goals.

You'll move from stuck and frustrated to relaunching your career...and your life!

These steps are not linear. As you discover what you want to do and how you want to show up to life, we’ll travel through the appropriate step for you to help you find fulfilling and productive ways to live your best life!


Here’s the bottom line:


You get to decide how your career goes...and how your life goes.


You get to decide what matters to you – more time, more money, more flexibility at work. You also get to decide what you want the rest of your life to look like as you see space and flexibility open up for you outside of work.

How will I know It's Time to Do This

You already know, don't you?


You're here for a reason - you want more from your life.


Work is all consuming in one way or another - too much, not enough, unsatisfying, overwhelming.


You know it's time because one or more of these statements describes where you are right now:

You come to terms with “this is just how grown-up life is” but know in your heart that’s not what you want.

You show up to work every day, resenting the work you’re doing and often the people you do it with, even though you think you should love what you’re doing.

You've been promoted, but you frankly have no idea how to manage all of the work you already have, let alone your new responsibilities.


You find yourself looking at job postings, but don’t apply for any because you don’t think you have the qualifications. 

You still give 150% because of course you do! That’s who you are and what you do, but you don’t get any sense of satisfaction from it.

You have conversations with your manager or HR about other positions, but you’ve made yourself so critical in your role that they can’t give you up to another department. 

You keep talking to friends and family about how much you hate work, but you can’t see a way out from what you’re doing.

You’re in severe burnout, your body is working against you to make you tired and sick, and you feel like you’re always in a downward spiral. 

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