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More Less.

I didn't know doing less was a thing. Maybe you're reading this and thinking, "It's not, Lauren. There is only always more to do." Or, maybe you're thinking, "That's what vacations are for."

You know who's great at doing less? Dogs. Look at Puppy. She is amazing at doing nothing. She is great at sitting down in the middle of a walk, just to sniff the air. She can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and she snores just enough to point out to me that she's very busy...resting.

And sure, there's always more we can do, and there's the dreaded telling ourselves there's more we should be doing, but also, we are freaking BUSY.

For a long time (we're talking decades) I thought if I wasn't happy, I needed to find another thing to do to make me happier. Pick up a hobby! Hire a trainer! Learn to cook! Read more! Get more organized! More! More! More!

I used to make TONS of new year's resolutions and then I would be pretty quickly disappointed to learn that I wasn't going to follow them. In fact, the only resolution I remember keeping was the one where I decided to try one new food per month (if you know me, you'll know my palette I learned that year that I like shredded lettuce on sandwiches, but only if it's really crunchy.

This last year, I've focused on doing less. I've been bringing more less into my life. I spend less time on the phone, less time working, less time cleaning baseboards, less time busying myself. And that has made more time for rest, meditation, reflection, writing, puzzles, and of course, scratching Puppy's belly...when she's awake.

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