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Warped Thinking

Do you have a bendy, warped justification for the way things are?

I was frustrated.

I was working. A lot.

I was taking on too much.

Working 100 hours a week.

I decided this was normal (it's not).

I thought I should look for another job with fewer hours (hold on, we're not at the bendy, warped part yet).

I looked at other jobs; they seemed the same as what I was already doing (we're getting closer).

I decided I shouldn't move (closer).

Because if all jobs were the same (closer)...

Then I should stay in this one (almost there)...

Because at least here, I had all of the flexibility I needed when I had a doctor's appointment or needed to come in late or leave early for something (THERE it is).

I thought nothing should/could change because I had the flexibility to adjust my 100 hour schedule, occasionally, if I needed to (warped thinking!).

I thought this was just life. *shrug*

And I felt defeated.

Until I learned... doesn't have to be this way.

...I don't have to do all of the work that exists in the company.

...staying in my lane, contributing fully in that lane, means working better, smarter, shorter days.

It wasn't the job.

It was me.

And now it's not me.

What's something you have warped thinking about?

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