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Off-the-Beaten-Path Validation from Experts

Validation from others boosts us and keeps us going, especially when that validation comes from an EXPERT.

I don't just mean your boss or your coworkers. I'm talking about experts in all aspects of life:

🧘🏽‍♀️ The yoga teacher who tells you that your downward facing dog form is perfect, despite you feeling clumsy as you get into the pose (I'm graceful! An expert told me so!).

🐁 The exterminator who tells you that your home is clean, despite your need to call them in for something gross (I'm sanitary! An expert told me so!).

🎨 The artist who tells you that your doodle is really creative, despite your doodling being just an absentminded exercise (I'm artsy! An expert told me so!).

I know...we're supposed to get all of our validation from intrinsic motivation and self-pats on the back.

Congratulations to you if you're that evolved.

Let's be real: We like to hear from experts that we're succeeding in the areas those experts know the most about.

🏆 We like to earn trophies. 🏆

💯 We love perfect scores. 💯

Am I right?

Tell me about an off-the-beaten-path compliment you've gotten from an expert that made you feel validated.

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