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Not A Culture Fit?

I very briefly sent Puppy to 'day camp' for socialization.

Daily report cards said things like, "Puppy chose to sit on the sidelines today" or "Puppy prefers to watch the action" or "Puppy loves when the staff pets her".

Puppy was not a culture fit for day camp.

She didn't care about dogs, there was no comfy dog bed to snuggle up in or table to shelter under; she kept an eye on the door until I came to get her.

She was the very definition of not-a-culture-fit.

When you interview for a job, sometimes you learn that the company thinks you're not-a-culture-fit.

And you think, how could I be not-a-culture-fit anywhere? I'm ME! I'm awesome!

And look, not-a-culture-fit CAN be a cop out so interviewers don't have to think hard about why they don't want to hire you. Sometimes, it's a sexist or racist or [insert offensive/illegal] reason.

But, sometimes, you're just not a dog who wants socialization.

Or you are, but you play too hard.

Or you're not even a dog and who the heck dropped you off here?

My point is this: not everyone is a culture fit for every workplace, club, special interest group, or doggie day camp.

And you get to choose, too.

What do you look for in a culture fit when you look for a new job or group?

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