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Give YOURSELF Five (Deep Breaths)

My day starts before I even really wake up. Does yours? In that sort of half-awake, half-asleep state, my brain starts churning through the things, the people, the work, the schedule, the stuff, the things. And we just jump right in, don't we? What's on my calendar? Where can I fit in this person? Who emailed me between bedtime and wake up? When can I sneak out to walk the dog? How did I not leave time for lunch again? But, what if we took one step back? And before all of that stuff that consumes us gets its turn, let's take some deep breaths. Just five deep breaths. Five seconds in. Five seconds out. Five times. I just did it and it took me 55 seconds. And it changed the way I'm moving forward in my day. Do it now. It's less than a minute of your time. Tell me how it makes you feel in the comments. #relaunchyourcareer #people #coaching #gratitude #relationships #mindfulness

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