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Do Better

Someone I follow on LinkedIn posted yesterday, "I'm not trying to do more, I'm trying to do better." YES!

At the end of 2019, I was plugging along in my HR job, recovering from a big injury early that year (story for another time) and...

...yadda, yadda, yadda...

...I started 2020 managing an additional team of people and leading from-the-studs construction for our new office space.

And the pandemic. Do you know what the pandemic has done to HR people?

With all of that on my plate: managing a new team, a construction project, the care & feeding of staff, adjusting to my own new normal, I was easily working 80-100 hour weeks. Every week.

Today, we have an excellent new leader managing that team; the construction project is done and our new office, while empty of people and full of boxes, is beautiful.

What I did was not reasonable or sustainable. And it taught me BIG lessons about being a chronic hand-raiser.

And now that I have a more reasonable workload, I'm really enjoying my HR work again.

Instead of just pounding through projects to get them done just fine, I'm taking my time, being thoughtful and deliberate in my work.

And now I can do better.

What do you want to do better?

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