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Cheers to the Jobs I Didn't Get

🍹To the Traveling Consultant position I didn't get straight out of college: Turns out, I'm really a homebody and would not have thrived living out of a suitcase.

🍹To the Pharmaceutical Sales Rep job I didn't get: I would never have wanted to learn the science or sell the dreams of cures and treatments.

🍹To the Human Resources Manager position at Linens 'n Things I didn't get: Besides the grammatical nightmare of having an 'n in the company title, they shut their doors a year after I didn't get the job.

🍸And cheers to the jobs I did get: They introduced me to HR almost 20 years ago, elevated me to higher levels, taught me how to work in different environments and with different types of people, and got me to where I am today.

Feeling grateful today.

Tell me about a job you (thankfully) didn't get during your job searches.

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