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Fine is a Trap

Do you find yourself constantly self-soothing by saying, “It’s fine. I’ll do it. It will be fine.”?


Did you get all the way to the job at the the place with the title and the money, but you’re just not feeling like these are actually the things you want


And you can’t…pinpoint what it is that isn’t actually ‘fine’? 


Use this tool as a guide to help you discover what’s been nagging at you: the ‘fine’ trap you’re stuck in isn’t actually fine



But How Do You Know You’re Stuck in the Trap?

Not only is ‘fine’ a trap…when it comes to your career, there is no such thing as fine

When we say, “The weather is fine!”, we’re saying the weather is great. 

When we say, “The soup is fine”, we’re saying the soup is mediocre, which isn’t really fine because you didn’t ask for so-so soup.

When we say, “Work is fine”, we simply don’t mean it. 

If work is great, we’re going to say, “Work is great!”

If work is overtly terrible, we’re going to be at-the-ready to talk about the obviously bad things - the toxic boss, the low pay, the awful commute. 

But what happens when you don’t know exactly what’s wrong?


Is it the hours? The work? Your boss? The company? The career as a whole? 

It’s time to take inventory and determine what has you stuck in the trap of being ‘fine’. 

Get the tool that will help you take inventory of what actually isn’t fine so that you can start your path to better!


It’s Time to Believe in More

Simple, right?


Except it’s not…not when you’re trying to do everything on your own.


I know you. You’re amazing at supporting everyone and everything else. But when it comes to what you should do for yourself? Clueless.


I know you because I’ve been you.


I know you because my clients have all started out where you are: convincing themselves they are fine, until it becomes painful to be fine. 


When clients work with me, they find more. 


Clients work with me so that they can learn to focus on themselves and what will make their careers, and lives, amazing. 


It’s time to realize you are worth your own investment, time and energy.


It’s time to take inventory.


Oh, hey, it’s you!
I’m so glad you’re here!

Hello! I’m Lauren and I’m an Executive Leadership Coach on a mission to make sure people like you know that your career, your daily work life, can be different. 


I partner with clients to escape the trap of being 'fine' and break the work, sleep, repeat cycle. 

I work with both individual executives and corporate leadership teams to elevate their careers, leadership skills, work habits, and team success from 'fine' to amazing.

​I’ve got the certifications you’re looking for, and the career history as an executive myself, and I’ve been coaching in one way or another since almost the beginning of my career.


But here’s what’s really important: I’ve been where you are and now I’m not. 


I’ve been the executive, working a billion hours a week, trying to please everyone all the time, raising my hand because I thought I was supposed to, doing extra work so my team wouldn’t be burdened…and…well…it’s exhausting. 


And at the beginning, it was exactly what I was after! Being trusted to do everything? Yes please! The title? Wahoo! The job? Exactly what I asked for! The money? Not too shabby!


And then I didn’t want it anymore. And neither do my clients. 


Another important thing to know: My clients have been where you are and now they’re not.


My clients find new ways to find balance, joy, freedom, and success! 


I would love to talk to you about how you can find that, too. 

Get the Fine is a Trap Inventory!


Let's chat about how I can partner with you to take your career (or your entire leadership team's careers!), and your life, from 'fine' to amazing!


Set up a time at or visit for more information.

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