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Your Work Matters

Why does the work you do matter?

You already know that it DOES - there is a reason the job exists and you do it.


When you're looking for a job or talking about your current job or applying for a board seat or a volunteer role...'s not about the tasks you do, the widgets you assemble, the boxes you check.


It's about WHY it matters.

Here's an example from my own work:

One of my tasks: I hire people.

Great. Now we know the thing I do. As a standalone statement, it is boring.

Why what I do matters: When I hire the right person for the right job at the right company, I am changing lives:

* The person has a new job that really fits their skills and passions and they can do work that matters.

* The company gets to change, grow, maintain (whatever the goal) because this person is here to make a difference and offer new avenues to success.

* I see the impact I've made being in charge of hiring and know that I've impacted the person and the company in a way that can change things for the better.

This doesn't just apply to major functions or high level jobs. Every job has a reason; every job performs in areas that matter.

So take a moment today to tell me in the comments about something you do and why it matters.

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