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You're Not Special

You're not special.


But, Lauren, a few days ago, you JUST said I AM special!

I know. I know.

You ARE special, because you have magical qualities that make you stand out, make people want to be around you, hire you, work for you, marry you, and give you buckets of gold and snuggly puppies.

But do you want to know why you're not special?

There is nothing special, nor unique...

In your feelings of not being enough (you are!).

In your worries that people are going to realize/think/know that you have no idea what you're doing (you do!).

In your inability to say no (say YES to NO!).

In your fears of setting boundaries (healthy walls exist!).

In your certainty that you shouldn't apply for that job (you should!).

In your surety that you can't go for that promotion (you can!).

In your inability to ask for help (you may!).

In your continuing to work a billion hours a week (balance is possible!).

Make time for yourself to tell you that you're enough.

In fact, you're more than enough.

You're special!

Even though you're not special.

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