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You Are Already A Leader

If you are leaving a job where you're a leader, read this:


I'm going to say it again for the people who won't believe me the first time:


If you are a leader in a company that promotes from within, and you part ways with that company, why do you think you have to start over?

Sure, where you were, there is a clear ladder up. And in that place, you had to start from the bottom.

You grew, usually pretty fast, into management positions, with people, operational and revenue responsibility.

And then you want to leave (or get laid off) and, IMMEDIATELY, you sell yourself waaaay too short.

And you think every company makes you start at the bottom.

And you drop back into an individual contributor position.

The money is fine, but not great.

The job is cool, but not what you want.

And then you realize.

You could have had your manager's job.

All you were missing was the confidence to apply and interview for it.

Friend, skip that drop-down step.

Take the lesson now.

You can have the leadership job straightaway.

If you have been a leader in one place, you have the skills and the knowledge to be a leader somewhere else.

Leave your job for more, not less.

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