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Winning Pretty vs. Winning Ugly

There are many ways to win in your career. You can win UGLY: * Be the person who take credit for work that isn't yours; and if you're loud about it, no one else will have the opportunity to say, "Hey! That's my idea!" * Be the person who will blame others in public, so people can see that you fix things. * Be the person who brags about every tiny success, making sure you're in earshot of the people you think matter. * Kick people in the figurative shins to push them down so you can get ahead; you will make it to the finish line first if no one can keep up. And you probably WILL get ahead. Because you know what "face" to show to decision-makers. But you're also a jerk. I'm about to tell you a SECRET: You don't have to be a jerk to make it to the top. I know some really, really nice people, who never kicked someone in the shins to get past them, who never lay blame, but instead take responsibility, who give praise and credit to colleagues. And those people win, too. These are the people who win PRETTY. These are also people who help OTHER people win PRETTY. Reach out a hand to help. Win pretty, friends. It will help you sleep at night. It will help you get ahead the right way. #relaunchyourcareer #success #relationships #jobsearch #coaching #gratitude

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