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Who Do You Love?

Quick! Make a list of the nine people you love the most.

What number are you?

Oh, you're not on your own list?

Neither was I, for a long time.

Now, I'm working to be #1.

Ok, maybe #2.

Puppy comes first.

Oh, Puppy's not a person?

Try telling her that.

But, back to me.

I always thought loving others should be first.

And I thought demonstrating that love through servant-leadership and doing and being there for others was everything.

And it was.

Until I burned myself out because I wasn't paying any attention to #1.


Now, I work on balance.

I set boundaries.

I have found new passions and interests.

I also learned that I would not learn how to do any of that on my own.

I asked for help.


I continue to ask for help.

{Find me a fainting couch...I wouldn't have believed it either}

And I will serve other people and the world better because of it.

Make yourself #1.

You're the only one who can.

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