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This Moment

There is only this moment.

And this moment.

And this moment.

Sometimes, we take in a moment, and we hold it in our arms and carry it forward with us.

And another moment holds enough importance to stack that on top of the first moment.

A third, fourth, fifth moment comes along and we stack those on.

Our arms get heavy with moments, and we forget to let go.

By the end of last week, I was absolutely exhausted, carrying all the week's moments with me.

Some of them were hard moments (overwhelm, sad news, a minor injury); others were happy, amazing moments (connection with a new friend, two new clients, a fun birthday project for my mom), but I was slogging through, carrying all of it cumulatively.

Instead of living in each moment, the stack of moment on top of moment on top of moment weighed me down, making the hard moments harder and dulling the amazing moments.

Until I was reminded by a friend.

There is only THIS moment.

I made it my mantra for the weekend.

I mentally put each moment down, relieving the immense pressure I was putting on myself.

And my weekend was filled with light and freedom and fun.

Each moment.

One at a time.

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