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Thank You. And You. And Also You! And Even You.

I have long self-identified as a self-starter and a go-getter. A doer and a strategist. And even a little bit as a defensive I-can-do-it-myself!-er (in the voice of a four year-old stubbornly trying to tie a shoe that just won't tie).

But being a self-starter and a go-getter doesn't mean going it alone.

It means paying attention to an opportunity that is right for me and pursuing it.

[THANK YOU to those who have helped me recognize opportunity]

It means asking for advice from my network, sharing who I am with others, and connecting in new ways.

[AND YOU for participating with me and connecting]

It means recognizing when someone is offering a helping hand and taking it, even when help feels like weakness.

Tip: Getting help isn't weak. I'm still learning that.

[AND ALSO YOU, those who have helped me see the value in accepting help]

It also means being grateful to those who teach me how not to behave, how not to pursue goals, and how not to treat people.

[And so THANKS to EVEN YOU, who have taught me what not to do]

What lessons have you taken from others?

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