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Stop Doing Something - I Dare You!

How can you set a goal... UN-be-doing something?

You're an achiever, right?

And a perfectionist?

And a people pleaser?

And a workaholic?

So here you are, working too hard already and something new, an opportunity, a goal, an assignment comes your way.

You think any one of more of these things:

They trust me!

They believe in me!

They need me!

They have no one else to give it to and they know I'll say yes!*

*This one's not the healthiest thought out there, but we achievers live and breathe this one.

And you think, "Holy crap. When am I going to find the time to DO this?"

But, you do.

Because you're an achiever.

Here's a challenge for you, achiever:

Think of something that you're doing that's NOT serving you or that's NOT serving the company or that someone else could do (or SHOULD do, but you've been doing it, so why should they volunteer to take it on?).

Talk to your manager about what that thing is, why it should be stopped or handed off, and who should do it if it needs to continue.

I double dog dare you.

Tell me how it goes.

#relaunchyourcareer #coaching #achievers #doubledogdare

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