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Rough Day

Today is a rough day for a lot of people. And if it doesn't hit you today, it may hit you tomorrow, or on February 10th, or at the end of the first quarter. You are not achieving your new year's resolutions. You created impossible, unreachable new year's resolutions for yourself. They were all based on flipping the things you hate about yourself into goals: * I'm not fit enough *[flip]* I will exercise 6 days a week! * I don't read enough *[flip]* I'm going to read a book a week! * I spend too much time on my phone *[flip]* I will only spend x minutes on my phone every day! These are lies. These are 'shoulds'. These are personal insults that you are slinging at yourself. Stop it. Throw away your new year's resolutions. Set your goals, intentions, commitments, new habits or whatever you call them on the schedule that makes sense for you. And do them one at a time. And do them in service of who and how you want to be, not what you hate already. Go a little bit easy on yourself this week. You're going to be ok.

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