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The Person and the Tree

A person begins to climb a tree.

1/4 of the way up the tree, the person thinks, "Hey, I'm doing this!"

Halfway up the tree, the person looks down with pride at having come so far and thinks, "Success! I'm halfway there!"

3/4 of the way up the tree, the person stumbles and grabs a branch, which breaks from the tree falling to the ground. The person stops for a moment and thinks, "Uh oh."


A. the person grabs a different branch and keeps climbing.

B. the person fears that more branches will fall, stays in place and waits.

C. the person assumes the whole tree is going to fall down so the person might as well get off the tree entirely.

A. is the job seeker who hits a stumbling block and turns to more resources to keep going. This person will find a new job, because this person perseveres.

B. is the job seeker stuck in place, waiting for responses or for a job to fall into the person's lap. This person might find a job, with a little luck and maybe a push from a friend.

C. is the job seeker who simply gives up the search, deciding that the rest of the tree will fall, too, and that retreating is the safest bet.

Believe in yourself. Be person A.

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