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People Pleasers Unite

Are you an extreme people pleaser? Does that please YOU? Do you feel joy in people pleasing or pressure to please? Does people-pleasing activity lift you up or drag you down? I'm a lifelong people pleaser. For a long time, I thought this MADE me. I thought this was the core of me. But, I realized something. Being a people pleaser isn't actually what serves me. Being a people pleaser is part of a compulsion to be liked, trusted and wanted at all costs to my own well being. Having such an extreme view on pleasing others left me feeling empty when I (inevitably) couldn't please all of the people all of the time. It had me putting a LOT of pressure on myself to please everyone, all of the time. Now, I try to see myself as a people impacter. And I work to discern what parts of 'doing' things actually serves the people, impacts the outcome and makes me feel good about what I'm doing and how I'm showing up. I'm learning that being a people impacter doesn't mean I do all of the things, all of the time, for all of the people. It means that I help other people (and myself) see where I can make the best impact and only take on the pieces that serve others and myself best. Lauren Lefkowitz, People Impacter #relaunchyourcareer #people #coaching #relationships #jobsearch #leadership

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