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I was in a sales position early in my career.

I was awful at it.


I love relationship building.

I love service providing.

I like administrative work.

When it came time to sell?

I absolutely sucked.

I didn't think it was my place to tell anyone what I thought they needed.

And now, I have a coaching business.

New clients choose me.

And it's BECAUSE I don't sell.

What? But Lauren! If you're going to convince people to be clients, you HAVE to sell to them!


I talk to potential clients all the time.

I ask a ton of questions.

I share what I do and how I partner with clients.

We discuss whether what I do and what you need are a match.

I am clear and honest that a 'no' might be the right choice.

It is worth building our relationship anyway.

I'm not here to tell curious minds you need me, or even that you need coaching.

I'm here to understand what you want, why you aren't going after it, and what supports you moving forward.

Sometimes the solution is a class or a book or a resume writer.

Sometimes the solution is a partnership with me.

Every conversation is valuable.

And when you become a new client, it's because it's right for you.

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