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One Bite

Do you remember that kid from grade school who could fit a whole sandwich in his mouth in one bite?

We would all ooh and aah at the marvel of someone’s mouth being able to fit a whole sandwich...all at once!

Clearly, the more reasonable, satisfying and healthy way to eat a sandwich is one bite at a time.

It’s also the more delicious way.

That kid who ate the whole thing in one bite probably didn’t even taste the sandwich because there was so much happening at once.

Those goals you just can’t get to?

The ones that will make you feel fulfilled?

The ones that you think you’ll tackle, all in one big bite, someday?

Those are your sandwiches.

And you think if you’re not going to bite the whole sandwich, you shouldn’t bother making it at all.

I have some news for you.

You don’t have to get to them all in one giant bite.

The best sandwiches are savored, eaten in small, deliberate, easy bites.

Think about a goal you have that is just getting pushed back because it feels like it’s too big and you don’t have time for it.

What if you just took one bite, today?

Just one bite.

And then savor it.

And celebrate yourself for taking one bite.

One bite means you’re on your way.

What will your one bite be today?

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