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What Can You Do To Make Today GREAT?

Some days, I get out of bed and the first thing I think of is what's on my responsibility list.

This is the list of crap-that-needs-to-get-done-and-I've-probably-put-it-off-as-long-as-I-can-and-if-I-don't-do-it-nobody-is-going-to-do-it-for-me-who-the-h*ll-do-I-think-I-am-the-queen-of-England-over-here?

Most days, I have enough cool stuff in my day that I'll mix my crap-that-needs-to-get-done into it and find happiness in the balance.

Some days, and I know you have those days too, I don't see a single thing on my to-do list that I want to do.

Here's how I handle that:

😭 I whine a little - not to anyone else. Who wants to hear me boo-hoo about all the work? They have work, too. Just to me. I play the I-don't-WANNA, but-I-HAFTA game with myself just to make sure my inner complainer gets heard.

✔ Then I do the things, starting with the worst (that's usually a mid-project task - less exciting than both the beginning and the end).

📺 In the middle, I take a break - a tv show, a walk, a word game. It may mean I have to work longer to get the break in there, but it refreshes me and helps me convince myself to get back to it.

What do you do to make a blah day GREAT?

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