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Find What Is

We have a lot more words for what isn't than what is. ~ Brene Brown It's so easy to say, "I don't want to ________ anymore." or "I wish I weren't so _______." We have all of the words for the things we don't want and the ways we don't want to BE and DO: "I don't want to work so many hours." "I don't want be so out of shape." "I don't want to be so tired." When we say what we DO want or how we want to BE, we do it in the form of a dream, like a genie is going to come by to grant us wishes: "I wish I had a job I liked better." "I wish I could go to the gym more." "I wish I had more energy." But what if we just created the OPPOSITE of what we don't want? What if it was possible to say: "I want to find balance in my life. I want to work fewer hours." "I want to go to pilates classes twice a week." "I want to find activities that bring me energy." Suddenly, you have the beginning of a group of INTENTIONS and not just a group of things-you-think-you're-crappy-at. Now you have the headlines for what can turn into goals and commitments to yourself, and not just a running list of things you're doing the wrong way. Think of a statement your inner critic repeats to you over and over. What is the opposite of that? What feels possible for you now? #relaunchyourcareer #coaching #relationships

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