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Feeling Uninspired Today?

Me too! In my quest for positivity and progress and possibility, I dread this feeling. Want to know what I'm doing about it today? Right now? Nothing. Not today. Tomorrow, I'll go back to all of the possibility. I'll find something inspiring to read (like I do daily on LinkedIn or in one of several books I'm reading). Or I'll have an amazing conversation. Or I'll get an opportunity to support someone else getting out of their own slog. Or I'll watch something funny that will lift me up. Or I'll just get out of the 'right' side of the bed. Today, though? In the rain/ice/snow situation going on outside my window? In the midst of a case of the Mondays? On a day where I just feel kind of blah? Today, I'm wallowing a bit. This is ok for me because I know it won't last. I don't live in this state on the regular. Usually, I try to self-cheerlead me out of the slogginess. Today, I'm embracing it so it will have its time and then move on. What do you do to get moving when you feel like this? Embrace it? Fight it? Ignore it? #embracetheslog #coaching #relationships

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