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Hello Failure, My Old Friend

Sometimes I forget what failure feels like, so the universe throws me an opportunity to do something stupid and careless so I can relearn. Here's what I do (and did this weekend): 🎯 I beat myself up a little (a lot - perfectionist). 🥊 🎯 I apologize (a lot - perfectionist). 😔 🎯 I fix it/clean up after myself. 🛠 🎯 I move forward and implement solutions. 🚗 🎯 I move on. 👍🏻 Would it be better if I didn't make the mistake? Sure. Would it be better if I didn't beat myself to a pulp over a mistake that's pretty easily correctable? Sure. I'm a work in progress. Thanks for the lesson and reminders, universe. #relaunchyourcareer #gratitude #relationships #coaching

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