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Disappointed or Cynical?

Would you rather be disappointed or cynical?

Both terrible choices, right?

Here's why it's important to choose one:

If you choose cynical, your thought pattern starts at, "It's never going to work anyway."

So if you're thinking about a new job opportunity or starting a hobby or reaching out to network with someone new, but you come from a place of being cynical, you will absolutely never do it.

You won't take any action.

Because you've already decided it's not going to happen.

You believe 'they' aren't going to let you in.

And if you believe that, you will make it true.

And your heart will close to opportunity.

If instead, you choose to be disappointed, you can also choose to hope.

You can HOPE it will happen, but understand and accept that you may feel DISAPPOINTED if it doesn't work out.

And knowing there's a potential to be disappointed means you're opening your heart up to succeed AND to fail.

Then you can decide you're willing to take the take action.

Mindset first.

Then action.

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