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What Makes Your Clock Stop Ticking?

You know that feeling. It could be ...the sudden realization you missed a deadline.’re reviewing work you already turned in and find a mistake. say something in a meeting that you instantly cringe at because it was the wrong thing to say. Now what? You could: A. Feel like you’re going to vomit and wonder if you should go home sick for the day? B. Beat yourself up mentally, and think about this as the moment everything fell apart and your entire career came to a screeching halt and if you tell anyone, you’ll get fired? C. Think about hiding the truth, denying you were wrong or hoping nobody catches on and live with the fear of what if? D. Own up, come in with a solution, apology or ask for help, and figure out how to move forward. Think the answer is D? Wrong! Ok. You’re right, but guess what? We all go through options A, B and C when these things happen. If anyone tells you that A, B and C would never occur to them, they are lying liars who lie. The key is to take stock of those options and then make the decision to choose D, even though it’s the scariest one. The others will leave you heavy with guilt, fear or dread. You will always look braver being honest. #relaunchyourcareer #coaching #relationships #leadership #success

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