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Bring All Of You...Everywhere.

You've probably met, or know someone who knows, Work Lauren. If we've connected on a deeper level, you may also know Home Lauren, Family Member Lauren, Friend Lauren, Career Coach Lauren, Book Club Lauren or Blog Lauren.

The "Lauren" I bring to the table may come to you from a different angle. I may be more focused on a strategic goal as Work Lauren, or more relaxed in my comfort zone as Friend Lauren, but here's the thing:

***No matter which Lauren is coming into the room, no matter which lens you see me through, however you know me, you will know who I am at my core.***

I don't hide Funny Lauren from work people, I don't pretend that Friend Lauren can't help with professional dilemmas, Ethical Lauren is always ethical, Sense-of-Responsibility Lauren will reliably show up and help, and not a single Lauren participates in sports (which is why you won't meet Skiing Buddy Lauren).

And while Curse-Word-Using Lauren stays home from work, and Suited-Up Lauren doesn't hang out with friends, I'm grateful that everyone gets to meet Core Lauren.

Bring "Home You" to your cover letters, your interviews, your work. Let "Work You" help others in whatever professional capacity you can.

Be "Core You" always.

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