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Are You a Perfectionist? Try This.

I am a recovering perfectionist.

I did a really cool thing recently to reset my own expectations and it's WORKING.

I decided in the fall that I wanted to post to LinkedIn five days a week. I made a commitment to do it. I promised myself I would.

By the fifth day of the week, I was sometimes feeling pressure to get something good out there, and if I didn't have something that lit me up, I'd post a quote from someone else (which I sometimes love, but in this case, it felt like a cop out).

Then I changed my commitment. I recommitted to posting, but with an INTENTION to post five days a week.

This gave perfectionist me an out.

If I don't make it to five days a week, but I'm still posting frequently, I'm meeting my commitment to post frequently, even if it's not five days.

If I post five days a week, I'm also fulfilling my intention. But, if I don't, somehow knowing I didn't break a commitment satisfies my perfectionist checklist.

I'm loving this new look at intention vs. commitment.

It's gotten me back to feeling like I want to, instead of that I have to.

How can you reframe a commitment to an intention and retrain your mind to want to do things instead of feeling obligated to?

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