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Fine is a Trap
Believe in More

with Lauren Lefkowitz

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Lauren offered valuable insights that helped me better understand my own professional interests and priorities. Lauren guided me through a process of professional self-actualization by asking thoughtful and sometimes difficult questions that challenged the assumptions that I had made about myself, my career, and my professional potential.


I accepted the a position with renewed interest in my personal and professional growth and a better ability to advocate for myself. Lauren helps others reflect on their past experiences without inserting her own agenda. As a professional coach, Lauren is careful, thoughtful, methodical, and rational, instilling confidence and encouragement as she helps people discover new paths for themselves from within.

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Amy B.

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Peter P.

On word from a previous company that my department was to be liquidated and a possible new position with another company was at hand, I searched out the advice of Lauren as I knew her to be an expert on the subject. As I had been with the previous company for 22 years, I was unfamiliar with the process of leaving one career and starting another. Lauren took me first through the phases of termination including how to handle severance pay negotiations and outgoing benefit concerns. She took me through the next process of multiple interviews including resume and interview preparation, positioning as well as salary negotiation. She was extremely supportive, caring and very engaging in our multiple conversations. She empowered me to tackle uncomfortable situations and helped me to develop strategies to achieve my goals. I wholeheartedly recommend her in your search for a career coach.

Lauren listens, period. She provides career coaching with compassion and creativity.

Lauren also has a unique skill to help redirect self-defeating personal intentions to more productive actions. She emphasizes the importance of a client's values, priorities and goals with their desired career changes, while interconnecting the realities of possible challenges faced by the client.


She is also able to diffuse the fight or flight instincts which I'm sure so many people feel when faced with a choice in which they believe to possibly be out of their control.  She can assess those challenging choices and develop successful strategies for clients to consider and provide creative implementation actions.


I have found Lauren to be an invaluable resource and fantastic advocate for self-compassion and confidence. 

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Michelle E.

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Jeff L.

When I found myself at a point in my career that I needed help finding a position that I would be passionate about I reached out to Lauren. I was not happy at work, but did not know what direction to go in. Lauren took the time to really get to know what my goals were with regard to my career as well as work life balance.


As a result of the time that Lauren invested in consulting with me she genuinely got to know me to the point where she knew exactly how to help me. I am so happy that I worked with Lauren, as the time with her helped me to move my career in a whole new direction and I haven't looked back!

Lauren has been my personal growth support for over 10 years.  Her wisdom and common sense approach guided me thru the life stages of  time off for rest and rejuvenation, to a new job and new industry, and finally to my decision to plan for my retirement.   As a continual visionary, she is able to “see” and help maneuver life’s highway of career choices, personal growth, and decisions. 

Having her as my coach has allowed me face challenges with a spirit of tenacity.

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Mary Jo S.

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Liz L.

I haven’t been feeling satisfied in my career. How can I go about making changes so that I’m completely fulfilled in my work? Is there somebody that can help me through this, because I am truly not sure what decisions to make? The answer to those questions is definitely yes!  I don’t really know how to thank Lauren for all that she has done to help me during this past year. I had hit a plateau. I was ready for change but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Lauren helped me to find the best options, and facilitated all of my decision making processes from start to finish. With Lauren helping to guide me along this new journey, I was able to select a wonderful program, obtain the right education and certification, and pursue the job that I have been waiting for. I am so excited to begin this new adventure in my life, and I know I couldn’t have done it without Lauren‘s help. 

Lauren served as my professional coach, helping me to gain confidence in myself and explore my abilities. Lauren took the time to assess my needs and relate my personal assets to the goals I was seeking to attain. She focused on my strengths and the ways that I could channel them to help balance some of my areas of difficulty.

As a result of my time working with Lauren, I felt confident and prepared in my interviewing abilities and I was able to land my ideal job. I have also been able to take the skills and confidence she helped instill in me and apply them in other areas of my life. I would highly recommend working with her to anyone who is eager to gain insight about themselves and is hoping to reach their full potential. Thank you, Lauren!


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Dori P.

Image by Henry & Co.

You’ve come to the right place if you can answer yes to any (or all!) of these questions:

Do you find yourself automatically saying "FINE" when people ask how you are, how work is going, how life is going?


Are you tired of wishing you balanced your job better?

Are you not where you want to be in your career and you're 
sick of of it?

Do you feel like you're not good enough to be in your current job?

Are you so busy all the time and feel like you can never catch your breath?


Maybe you're actually bored, but have no idea what you’d rather be doing?

Do you have a dream job or career that you haven't had the confidence to pursue?

Do you feel guilty for wanting more when already have a good job, pay and coworkers?

Are you in in over your head in your leadership position?

Or are you just so over being a people-pleasing, workaholic?


Isn't it time to do something different?

Image by Nicole Wilcox

What is it like to partner with Lauren?

From the start, you will be in a judgement-free zone, where you can share dreams that feel far off, challenges and obstacles, and the fears that keep you from doing what you want to do.


Partnering with Lauren is as comfortable as having a cup of coffee with your best friends. She makes stepping out of your comfort zone comfortable and safe.


With Lauren supporting you, you will learn that you can still be career-centered without giving up your whole life

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You’ll get to decide what work/life balance means to you, discover the changes you want to make, and learn new strategies to implement change in ways that feel productive, positive and exciting.


You will work together to discover how you want to relaunch your career, whether that’s through staying in your current job and discovering new ways to make work better, asking for raises or promotions, setting boundaries, taking work off your plate, or changing careers entirely.

And you'll have fun doing it!

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Where are you right now?

Maybe you’re in the right job, but you don’t feel good in it or don’t feel like you’re killing it.

Maybe you can’t get a grasp on how to
do better, or more (or less!), at work.

Maybe you’re in the wrong job, but you’ve been there for so long, you can’t imagine what else you can do.

you’re in the wrong career entirely and you have dreams of doing something else, but it feels like it’s too late.


Or maybe you love your job, but you’re working so much that you can’t make time for anything else and your relationships, with others and yourself, are suffering.


If you are a career-centered, heart-driven person, and you want to work on relaunching your career, and your life, in a way that works for you, I’m here to partner with you and support you in exploring and implementing your relaunch.

Fine is a Trap
Break the Work, Sleep, Repeat Cycle
About Lauren Lefkowitz

Lauren is an Executive Leadership Coach who partners with clients to escape the trap of being 'fine' and break the work, sleep, repeat cycle. She works with both individual executives and corporate leadership teams to elevate their careers, leadership skills, work habits, and team success from 'fine' to amazing.

Lauren is a Certified Ontological Coach, an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and holds Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certifications.

Lauren's professional background includes 20 years' experience in corporate and nonprofit human resources and operations, which included side-gigs in career coaching, training, resume and cover letter

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writing, interview coaching and other HR and operations related small-business consulting. In addition, throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to interim manage several corporate functions outside of HR, including Meeting and Event Planning, Communications and Marketing, Finance and Program teams.


Always, her favorite part of any job was leadership coaching, helping those who feel stuck in some way get unstuck and give themselves permission to dream and pursue their goals.


Lauren's work focuses on partnering with individuals, small groups and small businesses to support executive leaders who want to find joy, excitement, challenge and balance in their careers...and still have a personal life to love.


She has been where you are, in C-Suite roles, working 80+ hour weeks, giving everything she has to her job, sacrificing her personal life to make work the top priority, and she has come out the other side with more balance and purpose in her life. For her full story, click here.

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